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DMLS - Des Moines Lapidary Society
Welcome to our site...
2020 Gem, Jewelry, Mineral & Fossil Show
Saturday Oct 17th
9 am - 5 pm
Sunday Oct 18th
10 am - 4 pm
Gemstones   ❖   Beads   ❖   Jewelry   ❖   Silver   ❖   Crystals   ❖   Cabochons
Slabs   ❖   Rough   ❖   Mineral Specimums   ❖   Fossils   ❖   Tools   ❖   Findings
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We offer many ways to expand your lapidary experiences...

Welcome to Des Moines Lapidary Society (DMLS)

Formed in 1955, the Des Moines Lapidary Society's mission is to promote, enjoy, and develop the study and practices of the Lapidary arts.  Our lapidary club promotes popular interest and education in lapidary, the craft of carving, shaping and polishing stone, minerals, and gemstones.  Our club sponsors and provides means for our members to engage in cutting, cabochon shaping, faceting, carving, basic metal work and more.

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Welcome to Des Moines Lapidary Society (DMLS)

The Des Moines Lapidary Society (DMLS) was formed in 1955. The mission of DMLS is to promote, enjoy, and develop the study and practices of the lapidary arts.   We are proud to be one of the very few such organizations in the United States to own the building where we have meetings and a full lapidary workshop.  

The lapidary workshop has a full range of lapidary equipment including trim saws, rock saws, grinders, and cab machines.   Members of the club are welcome to use the equipment after they have been trained to use it safely.  

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Clubhouse COVID-19 Update

DMLS clubhouse is reopening Sat July 4th. Check your email for new rules and the event calendar for days and times.

Upcoming Meetings

Sat Nov 7, 2020
Sun Dec ???, 2020 - Holiday Party

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