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Our library is a wonderful source for research, ideas for projects and pure pleasure in reading about our hobby. Magazines are divided by name and the label on each box gives details as to their contents.

All books have been cataloged and put in topic order. A list of all books with author and category is attached. Please use the checkout card when borrowing a book and place in box on the desk.

For any questions or suggestions please contact the DMLS librarian Betty Lester

Magazines & Periodicals

Lapidary Journal **

Lapidary Journal /
Jewelry Artist**

Rock and Gem
1977 -1979
Assorted Issue 1974, 1984, 1986, & 1989

Gem and Minerals /
Jewelry Craft

Rocks and Minerals
1953 March and April

The Mineralogist

Earth Science
Various months 1961-1973

Mineralogical Record
Volume 4 1-6

Not all years contain all months and that is noted on the box label. If you have any of these missing issues and would like to donate them or a book, please see the club librarian.

** There is an index book for the years 1947-1991.
To find an index for the years April 2010 – March 2016, go to the following web site, there is also a copy in that information and inventory book. You can check the March, April or May issues for indexes for that year. Also helpful is the customer help desk at Interweave 866-949-1646.

Magazine indexes
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist indexes

Books & Magazines

Title Author Or Source Category
Colored Stones Gia General
Crystal And Crystal Growing Holden & Morrison Crystals
Crystals-What They Are And How To Grow Them Marlene Robinson Crystals
Illinois Fossils   Fossils
Mammal From Illionis' Past   Fossils
Life In Stone - Fossils Of The Colorado Plateau Christa Sadler Fossils
Prehistoric Past Revealed 4 Billion Yr History Of Life On Earth Douglas Palmer Fossils
Fossil Book Caroll & Mildrd Fenton Fossils
Complete Encyclopedia Of Fosils Ivanov Fossils
Fabulous Keokuk Geodes Stephen R Sinotte Geodes
Memories Of Geode State Park Editions 1-4 Edward Smith Geodes
Dictionary Of Geological Terms American Geo. Inst. Geology
Earth And Man Frank Byrne Geology
Earth And Its History Richard Foster Flint Geology
Earth - Third Addition Press & Sievers Geology
Encounter With The Earth Leo Laporte Geology
Earth An Intro To Physical Geology 2Nd Edition Tarbuck/Lutgens Geology
Essentials Of Earth History An Intro To Historical Geology William Lee Stokes Geology
General Geology Robert J Foster Geology
Geology The Paradox Of Earth And Man Keith Young Geology
Introduction To Historicalgeology 2Nd Edition Raymond G Moore Geology
New Catastrophism,Importance Of Rare Event In Geo. History Derek Ager Geology
Physical Geology Anatole Dolgoff Geology
Principals Of Physical Geology John E Sanders Geology
Physical Geology Plummer & Mcgeary Geology
Physical Geology John J Sanders Geology
Rocks And Mineral A Golden Nature Guide   Guide
Familiar Rocks And Minerals Audubon Society Guide
Introduction To Lapiary 3 Copies Pansy Kraus Lapidary/ Jewelry
Making Jewelry For Fun And Profit Helen Clegg & Mary Larom Lapidary/ Jewelry
Making Wire Jewelry Chandler And Ritchey Lapidary/ Jewelry
5000 Years Of Gems And Jewelry Rogers And Beard Lapidary/ Jewelry
Professional Jeweler March-June 2002   Lapidary/ Jewelry
Fine Chinese Jades Sotheby'S Galleries Lapidary/ Jewelry
Gem Cutting John Sinkansas Lapidary/ Jewelry
Step By Step Bead Stringing Ruth Poris Lapidary/ Jewelry
The Art Of Gem Cutting Dr. H. C. Dake Lapidary/ Jewelry
Metalcraft And Jewelry Kronquist Lapidary/ Jewelry
Making Bead And Wire Jewelry Dawn Cusick Lapidary/ Jewelry
Jewelry Renaissane To Art Noueau Claude Fregnac Lapidary/ Jewelry
Turquoise Gem Of The Centuries Oscar T Branson Lapidary/ Jewelry
North American Indian Arts Andrew Whiteford Jewelry And Crafts
Indian Silverwork Harrymera Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
How The Navajo Sandy Hassell Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Turquoise And The Navajo Lee Hammons Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Indian Heritage Of The Southwest   Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Hopi Silver Margaret Wright Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Indian Jewelry Making Vol 1 Oscar Branson Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Indian Jewelry Making Vol 2 Oscar Branson Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Indian Silver Smithing W. Ben Hunt Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Southwestern Indian Arts And Crafts   Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
New Mexico Turquoise   Of Native Americans
Southwest Indian Designs Mark Bahti Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Navajo Rugs 2 Copies Wilma Elmer Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Navajo Weaving Steven Getzwiller Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Collecting Southwestern Indian Arts And Crafts 2 Copies Ray Manleys Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Consumers Guide To Southwestern Indian Arts And Crafts Mark Bathi Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Hopi Kachinas Claralee Tamer Jewelry And Crafts Of Native Americans
Usgs Maps Dept Of Interior Maps
Mineraloogical Record Various Issues   Mineralogy
System Of Mineralogy Vol 3 James Dwight Dana Mineralogy
Dana'S System Of Mineralogy 7Th Edition Volume 1 James Dwight Dana Mineralogy
Dana'S System Of Mineralogy 7Th Edition Volume 2 James Dwight Dana Mineralogy
Minerals And How To Study Them Edward Dana Mineralogy
Textbook Of Minerals Edward Salisbury Dana Mineralogy
Encyclopedia Of Minerals Roberts,Rapp & Weber Mineralogy
Quartz Family Minerals H. G. Dake Mineralogy
Gems, Minerals Crystals & Ores Collectors Encyclopedia Richard M Pearl Mineralogy
Opals Of Australia Robert Haill Mineralogy
Minerals Of The World Charles Sorrell Mineralogy
Getting Acquainted With Minerals George English Mineralogy
Mineralogy For Amateurs John Sinkankas Mineralogy
Mineral Kingdom Paul Desautels Mineralogy
Cadaco Gems   Mineralogy
Rocks And Minerals March/April 1953   Mineralogy
The Mineralogist Jan-Dec 1953 May 1653 Mineralogy
Earth Science Various Months 1961 Thru1973    
How To Collect Minerals Peter Zodac Mineralogy
Minerals Of New Jersey William Casperson Mineralogy
Minerals Of California Bulletin 136 1952   Mineralogy
Gem Master Ii Faceting Machine   Videos
National Geograpic Splended Stones   Videos
Easy Mount Gem Setting 2 Copies   Videos
The Tucson Experence 1992   Videos
Splended Stones   Videos
Steward Tourmaline Story   Videos
Gemstones Of America   Videos
Opal Mining In The Virgin Valley   Videos
Yellowstone - Imprints Of Geologic Time   Videos
The Black Hill Of South Dakota   Videos
Demo Tape A. Goodman Videos
Set Up Home Base Business Preston Reuther Videos
Wire Jewerly Bead Design Wendy Vienna Videos
All About Soldering   Videos
Opal Cutting Made Easy 1986 Paul Downig Videos
Carving Techniques A. Goodman Videos
Demo Faceting   Videos
Metalwork - Metal Clay Basics Susan Lewis Videos